Flight Training

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you will ever do. To get started, you can take a Discovery Flight, where you'll take the controls with one of Eagle Aviation's instructors to see what it's like to fly a plane for yourself.

Whether for business, pleasure or simply something you have always wanted to do, Eagle Aviation is here to help you reach your goal.

You Want:

  • Professional instructors
  • Well maintained airplanes equipped with the latest technology
  • Efficient training
  • To succeed

Our Flight School is conveniently located at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport where you’ll be flying the new generation Cessna 172SP with Garmin Avionics for all of your flight training. You will gain the knowledge necessary to become a safe competent pilot. With our qualified staff of FAA Certified Flight Instructors, you will combine the ground training with actual hours of instructional and solo flight time.

Call us today at 803-683-0289 and find out how you can start flying. Take a Discovery Flight with one of our instructors. This is a no obligation one-hour introductory lesson, which shall consist of 30 minutes of flight time in a Cessna 172SP and 30 minutes of pre-flight and post-flight briefing with your instructor.


Kodi Koller