Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights Columbia SCA Discovery Flight with Eagle Aviation is designed to help you understand what flying is about and all that is involved. The Discovery Flight will actually be your very first loggable flight lesson and possibly the beginning of a lifelong passion. This lesson is approximately 1 hour long and shall consist of 30 minutes in a Cessna 172SP and 30 minutes of pre-flight and post-flight briefing with your instructor.

The FAA certified flight instructor that you will be flying with will first review with you what will be taking place during the lesson and specific procedures that must be followed during the lesson. The instructor will also want to get to know you and what your goals are in aviation.

Now the fun part comes, FLYING! In the airplane you will start, taxi, take off, and help land it. You will be guided through several basic maneuvers. After landing the instructor will review with you what you have accomplished during the flight and is willing to answer any questions or comments you may have. Your success is our goal! To get started, simply call 803.683-0289 or email


Kodi Koller