Citation V Pilot (PIC)

Flight time requirements: Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, First Class Medical Certificate, 3000 hours total time, 1000 hours Pilot in Command, 1000 hours Multi Engine Land, 150 hours Instrument, 500 Hours Turbine engine, Citation 500 Type Rating, 50 Hours in Type, Current FAR Part 135 CE-500 SIC, College degree.  Preferred but not required, General Airman Knowledge Test, General Instrument Simulator Check.  Must have current passport. Must be able to lift and load normal baggage loads and must be able to drive a rental car.

Please include a cover letter with salary requirements and 10 year employment history (please explain any gaps in employment).


·         Education- 2 year degree

·         Experience at least 2 year(s)

·         PRIA

·         Qualified candidates must be at least 18 years old.

·         Meet the above listed requirements and have a valid driver’s license.

·         Pre-employment drug screening, Fingerprinting and TSA verification/approval is required.

·         A good sense of humor

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